How to make your wooden floors look like new

Sometimes it happens that you are in love with the character of an older home you want to buy it just because of some decade or century-old features. It is in the rare case to establish your new construction house with such features of transom windows, Dutch doors and especially the hardwood floors. Hardwood Floors are counted as one of the most attractive features of older homes. However, after a couple of years, it can look dull, dirty and scratched. Therefore, if you have hardwood floor in your home and you want them to look new as fresh, please take care of certain things and follow the below-mentioned tips.

When you want to clean, polish and re-wax your wooden floor to make it new, follow these steps.

  • After removing all the furniture from your room, relieve the dirt by giving it a good sweep and vacuum. This is the best technique to deal with the damage.
  • Use a proper floor cleaner like Bona floor cleaner OR Murphy’s oil soap to give a shine without any wax finishes.
  • Give a thin layer of polish to moisturize the wood after the floor is dry. Polishing keeps the wooden floor imperishable and long-lasting.
  • Sometimes when your floor is finished with the wax, polishing and cleaning are not enough to recover or restore its lustre. In this case, you should use floor buffer to remove the top layer of it and to give a shine and clean the dust, follow the floor waxing technique.

If you have a hard wooden floor, then follow below methods

  • Hardwood floors that are damaged with quite lots of layers of finish cannot recover through cleaning and polishing method. It can restore through aggressive orbital sanding tool. It is also suggested when you have to sand transversely the wood grain that is essential in the constricted hallways where flooring runs in a reverse direction.
  • While cleaning and applying wax on to the floor, this cheap blue roll is more preferable to use. It can give the ability to install padding on the floor. It will give the look and beauty of the hardwood, with the more suggestible yielding floor. It can also be beneficial to protect the room and make it more energy efficient.

If you don’t get a satisfactory result from above techniques then it is the time to refinish your hardwood floors and it might be the best choice to hire any professional who can properly sand your floor and can seal it accurately. To refinish your wooden floor, you need a lot of time and efforts so sometimes it is better to call professional who can take care of your wooden floor, apart from only sanding. To make your old wooden floor look like completely new is completely worthy of time and money investment. Apart from giving a new look to your home, it is better to do something creative in the existing one. It will definitely raise its considerable value.